Paparazzi Possibilities - FREE Accessories in All Starter Kits! (Oct 2022)

Paparazzi Possibilities - FREE Accessories in All Starter Kits
Discover what is possible in your community!
Becoming a Paparazzi Consultant can make so many things possible for you!
Find new friendships!
A renewed purpose as a team leader!
More confidence!
Believe it or not, you will be surrounded by people who are looking for exactly what you want to create for yourself.

YOU hold the sparkly keys to a future full of possibilities, and now is the perfect time to share that message of hope with others, because throughout October, we’re including extra accessories in each of our Starter Kits for FREE. 
  • Preview Pack ($99) = 10 Free Accessories
  • Small Home Party Starter Kit ($299) = 30 Free Accessories
  • Large Home Party Starter Kit ($499) = 50 Free Accessories
There’s never been a better time to share what’s possible with Paparazzi!
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*Starter Kit purchase must be made between 12:00 AM ET on October 1, 2022, and 11:59 PM ET on October 31, 2022. Free accessories will be included with the original purchase. 

To see the average earnings for Paparazzi Consultants, please click here.