Paparazzi Compensation Plan

You Are One Step Closer To Your Dream!

The Paparazzi compensation plan is one of the best plans I've seen. 

EVERY consultant from Day One gets 45% of their personal sales as PURE profit, and that is CASH in hand.

You have the potential to earn an additional 5-15% commission if you build a team too! It's that simple!


As your team grows, so does your opportunity to earn!

Paparazzi's compensation plan (below) starts as soon as your enroll your first team-member.

Your earning potential is unlimited!


Paparazzi Accessories has multiple ranks that will determine your commission:

Study the Paparazzi Accessories compensation plan below to plan how to make your Paparazzi business a success.

If you have any questions, please feel free to message me! 

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