Understanding the Paparazzi Compensation Plan

The Paparazzi Compensation Plan explains the rewards and requirements as a Consultant decides to create a team and expand their Paparazzi Accessories business.

Commissions and bonuses await when a consultant decides to grow their team. 

There are two things to understand:

  1. Personal Volume (PV)This is also known as Product Value. When you look at the Compensation Plan, there are PV requirements if a Consultant wants to rank up a level. It uses points as commission for each standard product purchased – 2 PV for every $5 product, and if a Zi necklace collection is purchased, a Consultant will receive 10 PV.
  2. ACTIVE Status – This happens when a Consultant has reached the minimum 50 PV for the month which is equivalent to 25 pieces of jewelry each month. (If you are not ACTIVE, you will not receive your commission.)

Take note that a yearly requirement of 200 PV will allow you to stay as a Paparazzi Consultant. 

Compensation comes through these two things:

  1. (Direct) Jewelry Sales – Sales made upon putting up Paparazzi Accessories on sale whether it's on social media live shows, posting pictures/videos, house parties, in-person vendor events and/or having an e-commerce online store.
    Accessories purchased as Consultants are wholesale, and a piece of jewelry sold gives a 45% profit. Imagine how much you could make! 
  2. Team's Sales: These are the sales made by your team where they, in turn, reinvest into their business and purchase the jewelry at wholesale price; through team collaboration and effort, strategy, and goal setting to be achieved at a certain period. The team's performance is the basis of compensation to the sponsor and anyone in the group who has sponsored another. It is also the basis for you to move a rank higher. 


Generation Bonus 

You get this bonus when you reach the Executive level and above and receive compensation from the third generation of consultations in your team. It has three Generation levels, and each time you rank up, it gets higher up 1% to 3%. These include all Consultants down and, of course, to the next higher levels. 

Legacy Bonus

When a Paparazzi Consultant reaches the A-Lister Rank or higher, they receive a legacy bonus. It also has three Legacy levels and offers a 1% to 2% bonus of the generated personal and organization volume. These include all Consultants down and, of course, to the next higher levels.

Cash Bonus

When you reach these specific ranks and maintain the required qualifications within two consecutive months, you’ll receive a Cash Bonus. 

  • Luxe Jetsetter receives $25,000 bonus
  • Impressionista receives $50,000 bonus
  • Iconic Impressionista receives $100,000 bonus