Congratulations and welcome to the FAMILY!

You are starting an AMAZING journey, and I am so excited for YOU! I am sure you are experiencing a mixture of excitement and pure terror!

Don't fret! I've got your back and am here for YOU!

Your very first assignment is to contact your upline/sponsor, which is the person you signed up directly under for Paparazzi.

Hopefully, your sponsor has already reached out to you. If not, give her/him a call or send an email.

You are NOT alone!

If I'm your sponsor - AWESOME!!!

I can't wait to discuss your plan and goals for this journey, and to introduce you to our FAMILY!

We have an amazing team who will be your #1 cheerleaders!


You can expect a call from me or you're welcome to reach out to me directly by email:

🌻 You are also welcome to find me on social media (info below).

Here are a few quick steps below to help get you started.


1) Once you sign up, you instantly have access to the Paparazzi "Back Office" (website).

🌻 If you signed up just to shop with a discount, you will have access to shop each piece at wholesale price for just $2.75!

🌻 If you signed up to sell, it is recommended that you start purchasing some pieces for your inventory.

{REMINDER} Paparazzi releases new inventory Monday through Friday at 12pm (PST)!


2) SPREAD THE WORD! While you are waiting for your starter kit to arrive, let everyone you know of the exciting news that you've joined Paparazzi and will now be their source for amazing $5 jewelry! Reach out in as many was as possible - email, text messages, sign on your yard (seriously!), telling coworkers and church friends, etc. You never know - some will be your customers or future business partners.

{BONUS TIP} You can also share your free replicated website link with your friends and family so they can start shopping!


3) Think of a cute business name!

You may want to name your business something that is unique and easy for your customers to remember.


4) It is HIGHLY recommended that you create an email dedicated to your new business. This email can be as simple as your first or last name, or it can be your business name, which is what I recommend. πŸ˜‰

Having an email that is dedicated for your business will provide you a clear communication tool with your customers, with paparazzi and any other business related items requiring an email. There are some FREE email services available to utilize.

Those include, but not limited to...

πŸ“© Gmail {}

πŸ“© Outlook {}

πŸ“© Yahoo {}

πŸ“© iCloud {Apple}

Most of these can be accessible via mobile device or PC depending on your preference.


5) Set up a PayPal, Square, Venmo, CashApp or any other resource that is beneficial for you to receive payments.

🌻 I recommend to keep your personal and business money separate.

{BONUS TIP #1} If you plan to use Square, be sure to get a referral code from your upline/sponsor.

{BONUS TIP #2} PayPal offers a FREE debit card you can use for any purchases where Mastercard is accepted. (As long as you have a balance in your PayPal Business account.)


6) Once you receive your starter kit - OPEN YOUR KIT! Let's see what you got! The kits have amazing pieces that are not available for purchase (with the exception of Blockbusters).

Invite a few friends over to open it with you to share the excitement. Or consider doing a Launch Party via Facebook or Instagram Live and share it with the world in real time.


7) When you signed up, you agreed to follow the rules and regulations of Paparazzi. Be sure to familiarize yourself with the Policies and Procedures.

🌻 The most recent version of the Paparazzi Policies & Procedures can be found in the Resources section of your Back Office.

PLEASE NOTE: If you are caught working against compliance, you run the risk of losing your Consultant ID (CID).

If you haven't joined Paparazzi yet... What is holding you back?

I'm happy to help answer any questions you might have and walk you through the entire process.

You can join now or I'm happy to discuss with you. Contact me on any of the social media links below.

I promise no hassle and absolutely no pressure or obligations! I just want to help!

Join The Family!