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    If you consider joining my team, you will be joining under an Elite Tribe and will have the utmost team support and training! 💕

    • NEW CONSULTANT CONTACT: I am notified via email as soon as a new consultant signs up. Once I receive this email, I will reach out to you right away to help you get set up and ensure that you have all the tools and resources you need to hit the ground running. My mission is to be able empower, guide and inspire you so that you'll have a successful launch to your growing business.
    • NEW CONSULTANT ON-BOARDING: I have a private Facebook Team Group Page where you will have access to training guides, team communication, announcements and incentive challenges.
    • FACEBOOK MESSENGER TEAM CHAT: We maintain an active support group using the social media platform, Facebook Messenger Chat. We use this mobile app to communicate. Team members support and encourage each other as well as trading new ideas and methods.
    • STRONG COMMITMENT TO YOU AND PAPARAZZI: I love this business! I especially love seeing my team members succeed and grow their own businesses! I get so excited when a team member has successes where they experience for themselves just how wonderful this opportunity is! I absolutely love sharing this incredible opportunity!
      Not only is the product amazing and the fact that you can't beat $5, you will be helping others build their self confidence! That's MY favorite part! 

      I would LOVE for you to join my growing FAMILY! It doesn't matter how many miles apart or close we may be from each other, I maintain my promise to be there for you! I am here wherever you are!

    Hear what my business partners have to say:

    Since having my son my life and my personality changed, I saw a whole new perspective in life that it didn’t matter what I wanted anymore. My world changed, I changed, and I started to challenge myself to trying out new things and doing things out of my comfort zone.
    Paparazzi was definitely out of my comfort zone. I joined initially under my BFF to support her, but as I got more involved with the team and the time to go through the guides on our team page, browse through the back office, and watch my team members lives, including Diane’s, I felt motivated.
    Diane shared her story with me and I just related to her so much. She gave me the confidence to go live and do more with my business. I created my website inspired by her, and she has motivated me to do more with my business for myself and my family.
    Being on Diane’s team is motivational and inspiring! She challenges me to do my very best! I also have the full support of my team members. We’re more of a family than a "team". We help each other out, we support each other, and we hop on each other’s lives for moral support and just to have some fun. I don’t think I could do my lives without my team there with me, they open me up and I’m more confident. I don’t think I would have gotten this far with my business without Diane and this team.
    - Renee B.

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