JULY 2021 Summer Party Pack

It’s summertime and after a year of social distancing, we’re more than ready to soak up some sun and focus on the future! So grab your friends and neighbors, toss your sunblock in your bag, and slide on your flip-flops, because we’re gearing up for a summer to remember! It’s time to show the world that even though you may not have seen each other in a while, your sparkle has never been brighter. 


NEW Consultants can turn up the heat, because Paparazzi is including ONE Summer Party Pack in every Small Home Party Starter Kit ($299) and TWO Summer Party Packs in every Large Home Party Starter Kit ($499) purchased during the month of July.
If there was ever a perfect time to join Paparazzi, NOW would be it! Is it just us, or is summertime better with a little BLING?